Muslim people worldwide are turning to Jesus. How can they grow a strong identity as disciples of Christ and members of his community while still caring for their Muslim families?

The ‘Come Follow Me’ discipleship course specifically aims to help these new believers. Course participants grow through a powerful combination of self-study, regular discussion with a mentor (or in a group) and practical learning tasks. Deep-level discipleship affects issues of belonging (e.g. to old and new communities), issues of worldview (including fatalism, revenge, good deeds etc) and issues of behaviour (such as marriage relationships, conflict resolution). All these topics (and more) are tackled in this course, within the framework of an inductive study of 1 Peter.  The Study book which is needed by all course participants and the course leader can be ordered as a book via the website, and the Advisor’s Guide, is available as a free download or as a book.

See the Come Follow Me Website for more information


Click here to see a video of Tim introducing the purpose and aims of the Come Follow Me Course.


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